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Team Hoyt Oklahoma was created in honor of our son, Stephen Heine. Stephen was born in 2006, and at 18 months old, was diagnosed with a rare disorder that affects all areas of his development. He always loved watching his dad run in races, but was never able to participate himself. In December 2014, he was given the opportunity to participate in a program with a local running club and was pushed in a wheelchair for a 10K, and he never looked back. Despite the sleet and freezing temperatures that day, Stephen let his parents know that he wanted to keep racing, and they were able to get him his own running chair 6 months later. After a few years of racing with his dad, Stephen outgrew that chair, and began using a Hoyt Racing Chair. In April 2018, Stephen’s dad, Erik, ran the Boston Marathon, where he and Patty were able to hear the Hoyts speak about their experiences with inclusion and racing, and with Dick’s blessing, they were inspired to start Team Hoyt Oklahoma.